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Own Your Own Economy
With These 4 Easy Steps

Arne: Published Author

Sales Training • Business Budgeting • Vision Planning • Coaching & Training

Own Your Own Economy
With These 4 Easy Steps

Arne: Published Author

Own Your Own Economy…

Running a successful business alone is not an easy task, is it? Especially for a smaller entrepreneur who often times is wearing many hats at the same time, manager, operations, financial, sales, Human resources, and spending time in the field too. Just to make ends meet.
The down side to this is important financial decisions are made on emotion, rather than sound business systems that avoid hiccups or avalanches that can really hurt a small business.

There are 4 bubbles in your business and if …

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Arne has a vast understanding when it comes to running a service and sales business. It’s all about doing the right thing, focusing on quality, customer satisfaction, and being profitable! I enjoy working with Arne as he is very respectful of all. Arne truly understands what it takes to be successful and has excellent vision to avoid business pitfalls. Arne is a true leader and coach who lays the groundwork for success.
~ Luke Hermann, CEO/President of MCCS, Inc

Arne Raisanen is known for his candor approach in training entrepreneurs! His business methodology depicts your business as 4 fragile bubbles, which all depend on each other to stay solid and viable.

The best system that we have implemented is the sales technique and estimating program that Arne implemented. We now can land projects for more $$ than our competition and knowing that we are doing a project with high NET profits. Numbers do not lie. You can switch numbers here and there, justify this and overlook that. But in the end year financial P&L statements NET PROFIT is still NET PROFIT
~ Tim Sarkkinen, President of Prime Cut Construction LLC

Step 1 (Financial bubble)
Learn how to become completely debt free in your business and build the cash flow needed to do the things you first set out to do when you started your business. Knowing how to build a profitable business is one thing, having the tools is what makes all the difference!

Step 2 (Sales bubble)
If you want to learn how to sell without high pressure selling or selling on the lowest price. You will learn that sales is all about winning sale number one! Plus, you will also learn that all your clients really want… is the experienced to be served!

Step 3 (Vision bubble)
Having a clear vision of where your business is going, a blueprint (clear mission) on how long it will take and what it will look like when you get there is essential to the success in your business. Plus everyone in the company must share the same mission and have the same core values to the vision to excel in growth or wealth.

Step 4 (Leadership bubble)
Learning how to have the best employees in your company will only enhance the other 3 bubbles in your business. Yet having the wrong employees could sink any one of the 4 bubbles in your business. Each position in your company has a descriptive responsibility to run that position, if you have the wrong person in the wrong seat, it may be just enough to stop your business from moving forward. Bottom line, a business expects to be profitable and it’s the job of the right employee’s to make it happen!


Our first coaching call with Arne was July 5th. He helped us to see how to begin by using consistent, strategic procedures on every service call. He helped us learn the home performance “language” that conveys to our customer our concern for solving their comfort and energy problems. The personal, individual business coaching we have received has made all the difference for our business.

Betty B., Bryson Heating Salem, V

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