What our clients have to say…

Arne has a vast understanding when it comes to running a service and sales business. It’s all about doing the right thing, focusing on quality, customer satisfaction, and being profitable! I enjoy working with Arne as he is very respectful of all. Arne truly understands what it takes to be successful and has excellent vision to avoid business pitfalls. Arne is a true leader and coach who lays the groundwork for success.

~ Luke Hermann, CEO/President of MCCS, Inc.

Arne’s passion for crunching numbers and providing instant fixes for cash flow problems is only second to his devotion to building customized sales systems which produce results. No pushy tactics. Just well implemented concerns for the client’s needs.

~ Bert Sarkkinen, Arrow Timer Framing WA


I want to take the time to express what has happened after we introduced the sales system you taught us.

Our closing rate for the month of May was average 30% with a total revenue of $60,000.00 after having you return to our facility the last week of May to do the training and we implemented the system, the first 10 days in June we were closing at 90% for a total revenue of $265,000.00 at an average 53% GM!
What has happened during the discovery we simply ask what the anticipated budget is or what the client expects to spend on the upgrade, this gives us a baseline to work from, we LISTEN and present a basic, gold and platinum package, this puts the client back in control of the decision! We have seen that 90% of them purchase the gold or platinum package!  We built our budget to $1,200,000.00 in Residential replacement, we can clearly see this growing to $ 1,800,000.00 at a 50% margin!

Arne, keep up the great work with all of the drive and enthusiasm that you bring!

~ Sincerely, Kyle Hagen, A-One Refrigeration & Heating INC.

Arne came to us via referral from another Contractor we know who had used Arne’s coaching services.
As a growing “mom and pop” small General Contractor – we had struggled recently with finding the right direction for our business, had been through key employee turnover as well as suffered through a large project that went disastrous on us due to lack of the properly skilled team – we had hoped and believed we were getting into a lucrative and “secure” new direction for us – but it wasn’t the RIGHT direction and we had only bit off more than we could chew. We were dejected, frustrated, stressed, tired and struggling to make a profit. Running our business wasn’t fun anymore – it was running us – and running us ragged!
After dragging our feet on making the call to Arne, despite several not so gentle promptings from our Contractor friend, we finally met with Arne. We were both skeptical at first that Arne could be so influential in our business as our friend professed and a little nervous to write the check after all we had been through …. However, after checking references of other Arne clients – we were strongly encouraged by all we spoke with that it was the best investment we could make for us and our business. It was!
Arne came in fully prepared – ready to go! He has a great, energetic and outgoing personality, but also a “tough love” approach to truly educate you about the REAL numbers of your business – and in an impressively short amount of time – he digs in deep to help you identify where you got off track (some of them – things you didn’t even THINK you were off track), areas for improvement and with his unique program and tools – He picks you up, brushes you off, turns you around and sets you on the right path for YOUR business. He brings a personal level of understanding and knowledge as he’s been through a lot of the same experiences in his own business background and very humbly and honestly shares these experiences – the good and the bad. It is very evident he has a true passion and a gift for what he does. Prior to Arne – as a husband and wife team we often found ourselves sitting in our office, late at night with kids running around – staring at each other at our wit’s ends – trying to come up with solutions and/or direction for our life / business …
Less than 90 days later: we recently had our “Arne checkup” to review our progress and financials. Our YTD net profit has increased 500% (not joking!), including paying cash for Arne’s services – we have a defined awareness of what projects and clients are right for us, and we now make much better decisions based on all we’ve learned. Our employees now feel like they are an important part of a winning team – headed in the right direction! We have all learned how to communicate better, operate more efficiently and for the first time in a long time – running our business is fun and exciting again. We recently went on a week long family vacation and actually relaxed! Arne commented while he was here that day that we were all noticeably calmer. Visiting about it later that evening – we realized how true that is. Even our personal and family life has benefitted with the new way we operate the business, and its not just the money – there’s a renewed energy and a measured level of confidence in what we’re doing …
Thank you, Arne, for everything! we look forward to continuing to work with you through the remainder of our program and we highly recommend Arne’s services on many levels, to anyone in business!

~ Richard & Beth Garrett, RG Construction Services, LLC

We started an Electrical Contracting business two years ago. Scott had 22 years of experience as a technician, but no business background. After the first year, we met with Arne because we realized we needed help getting our business off the ground. Arne helped us by going through our entire business from the bottom up. We went over projections, setting goals, customer service skills, sales techniques, website knowledge, and getting systems in place. Arne had experience with all of it, which was so helpful. Most people have experience in one area, but it was so helpful to have someone help with the whole picture. After working with Arne over the last year, our profits are up 60%. With his knowledge, guidance and enthusiasm he has given us a reason to believe that all of our hard work will pay off and our business will be a success.Thank you again Arne for believing in us!

~ Scott & April Wantaja, Renewable Electric LLC

I was struggling trying to keep my small business afloat. Really putting it all out there and just not able to make enough money to make it all worth it.  Since going through Arne program, my average sale has tripled in profit!  I’ve always heard you need to work smarter not harder, well this is the road that leads you down the right path.  Since going through ARBCO Coaching & Training program I feel like a successful business man rather than just a laborer.  The great thing about ARBCO Coaching & Training is the training seems to continue on after you have completed the course.

I feel like, six weeks later, I am still learning how great this system is.  Every time I go to work I am excited about the prospect of making more money, helping clients and the longevity of my career.

Thanks Arne,

~ Doug Massie, President, Three Sons Plumbing.

I would like to thank Arne for all that he has done for our business and personal life.
We have a business doing General Contracting in Commercial Industrial sectors, a separate business in the Residential market and a separate business in the Precast concrete industry.  ARBCO Coaching & Training came in and restructured our business from the ground up.

His systems, budgeting work. Period. We were able to see results within 1 month. By the end of the 3rd quarter after restructuring, our company was net income of 15+%. That is after everything, I mean everything, bills, taxes, material, supplies, vehicle maintenance, new vehicle allowance, payroll, payroll taxes and a substantial owner’s draw.  Arne implements a “bottom up” budget. Gone are the days of the “Money running out before the month does”.

As business owners we all have experienced times when there are months where the payables exceed the receivables. ARBCO puts budgets and systems into place where that is no longer an issue.  Contracting is a highly volatile, reactionary business. It is always too much work or not enough work, to many employees or not near enough qualified employees. With ARBCO’s Systems we can now manage that to where it is more of a steady growth with highly qualified employees.

The best system that we have implemented is the sales technique and estimating program that ARBCO implemented. We now can land projects for more $$ than our competition and knowing that we are doing a project with high NET profits. Numbers do not lie. You can switch numbers here and there, justify this and overlook that.  But in the end year financial P&L statements NET PROFIT is still NET PROFIT.

I would like to thank Arne of ARBCO Coaching & Training again for making running our 3 different company’s fun again. We all know what financial stress is like, it also can carry on to the family life. That is why our personal life has improved with the systems that ARBCO Coaching has implemented into our company’s.


~ Tim Sarkkinen, President of Prime Cut Construction LLC.

We are a small service plumbing company in South Dakota. We have been through a few sales training classes that our suppliers brought in, to a sales training class we researched and we ended up in Florida to partake in. After these classes were over we left with unanswered questions. What about that…what about this…. How do I build a flat rate book without going into debt? Than we heard about Arne Raisanen with ARBCO LLC! What a blessing. Our business had absolutely zero cash flow. We weren’t in bad debt yet, but we were searching for a line of credit to help us pull through the tougher times. We did some research on Arne before we called and everything came back very positive that we heard. It was becoming very exciting. We had a video call with Arne and he had so much information on our area from population to medium income to how much competition we had in our area. Arne was prepared and knowledgeable about us. It became personal at that moment for me. Arne was there for US, Not for the big picture like we seen in other sales classes. Arne flew in on a Monday and we got right to work. The training began! First day I was unsure about it all, The second day I was getting comfortable and understood the direction he was going and my excitement was growing! The third day I was 100% committed to Arne and what he was teaching us! There was days where he pushed us to the max, and Ibuprofen became my friend that day, but there was always encouragement from him to keep pushing ourselves and get out of our “bubble”. What he taught us cannot be explained in words, it has to be experienced by one own self. If you are looking for a lifelong change in your business, ARBCO LLC is the solution to your needs.

He cares about you personally and about your business on a personal level. He will prove to you where things are slipping and failing, and give you solutions to overcoming these obstacles and get you on the road to being debt free and loving your job again. Arne has a special gift that I have come to respect. He has proven to me and the business we can get on track and become debt free and making a profit on every job in simple easy steps and by implementing his process and train to be knowledgeable about statistics and show the customer we are the experts on information, on them, and we will be there for them. My personal GUARANTEE I will stand behind and I know Arne will be there when we need him again. Thank you ARBCO LLC!!

~ Jack Gustafson, The Plumber, SD

Dear Arne,
I wanted to send a note to thank you over again for your services. Wow!! What a difference Arbco made for my company and for my life really!

To lay this out plainly – my company was one of the many companies that gets along year after year and pays its bills and taxes and ends up with nothing or almost nothing and some years less than nothing! It’s a way to make a living and get by, but that’s about it. Not a very exciting existence and not something you look forward to each day and month and year. Forward to today and things are so much different.  I look forward to getting up and going to work, I can do more for my employees, I can take time off without worrying so much about needing to be at work.  I can easily pay my bills and take discounts since the cash flow is great.

The amount of stress that you took away is impossible to put a price on. To be able to know each month exactly how each area of the business is doing and how close to our goals we are makes my life so much easier. I cannot emphasize enough that all the tools, bidding templates, tracking spreadsheets, service pricing, and sales tools you provided have changed my life. My company is healthy and growing. I look forward to taking on challenges instead of wondering why I am doing this each month. Thank you, thank you!!

Please use me and my company as a reference and I will gladly let anyone know how much you have helped us. I will say this to any prospective client – at first I was scared and unsure about the investment to hire Arne as it seemed like a very big investment at the time, especially for a struggling company.  I can now say I likely wouldn’t be writing this without his help and would be employed by another company. It was not much compared to my increased sales and profits. Knowing now what Arne has taught me – I would spend it all again and more!!

Thank you again Arne.

~ Randy Massie, Owner, Columbia Home Comfort
(360) 256-1024