I highly recommend the new book by Arne Raisanen entitled “Don’t Miss That Sale”. It is important reading for anyone seeking success in selling. Although focused on the home heating system business, the principles it contains may be applied to almost any endeavor. Arne has mastered his specialized field, and his ideas can boost almost any type of business operation.          

Bill Colvin;  40 years in sales Sequim, WA.

“Don’t Miss That Sale” is a book that puts Home Performance based selling all together in one systematic approach for the entrepreneur who wants to excel and stand out from the competition while increasing revenue and profits. I highly recommend this book!

Robert Wilkos, Contractor, Consultant, and Author.


Have you ever been on a sales call and everything is clicking? I mean really clicking!  Your client is giving you those little yeses, you have overcome every objection with ease, and it’s clear they see the value you’re offering.You’re convinced this sale is a sure thing! Your client agrees to everything: “Yes, that date will work…yes, those solutions sound great…yes, the investment seems worth it…and you came highly recommended.” You even fill out all the paperwork.Then when it comes time to sign they say, “I love what you’ve shown me, but I’d like to sleep on it.Can I call you tomorrow?” And tomorrow never comes. You follow up the next day and get voice mail. You leave a message and the client never calls back. What happened to your sure sale? As a professional, you want to do better next time, so you run the sales call through your head over and over, pondering what went wrong.  It just doesn’t add up.
You did everything right.

Or did you?

Every service provider and small business owner will directly relate to this book. As with any structure, your business is only as strong as the foundation in which it is built upon. Arne’s three pillars of focus shared in this book are what every business needs in order to weather the storms and last the test of time.

You owe it to yourself, to your family and to your employees to read “Hijacked”!

Taking control of your destiny starts TODAY with this book!

Michael Goater, CO-Founder of Success4others, LLC