Author and sales trainer, with more than 20 years in business management of heating, plumbing and electrical companies, Arne Raisanen knows what it takes to run a successful organization.

Arne is not afraid to talk about his successes and his failures. Having gone through bankruptcy –  starting all over again has given him an in – depth knowledge and experience on many mistakes business owners are making today.

He is known and respected by contractors all around the country.

Arne has hands on experience with business coaching / training as well as a vast knowledge and in depth understanding of building science through the eyes of a heating and cooling contractor.

Arne’s Home Performance based selling system has a proven track record of success on the heating and cooling residential side of the business.

His training on how to turn demand service calls into paid sales leads is another important piece that Arne has mastered.

  • Completed 235 hrs Organization for Management w/MSP
    by George S. May International in 2004
  • Certified Professional Coach 2011

Arne has a vast understanding when it comes to running a service and sales business.  It’s all about doing the right thing, focusing on quality, customer satisfaction, and being profitable!  I enjoy working with Arne as he is very respectful of all.  Arne truly understands what it takes to be successful and has excellent vision to avoid business pitfalls.  Arne is a true leader and coach who lays the groundwork for success.

Luke Hermann, CEO/President of MCCS, Inc.